Rain Puddles

Our morning began with some epic rain out here on Ramsay Hill.  The kind that means soft blanket…curled up on the couch…coffee mug in hand.  Or, if you have an almost-two-year old, the kind that means “let’s go play!”.  So after some of the clouds had parted, Sam & I geared up to go outside and see how many rain puddles we could find to splash in!  A dozen puddles later we found ourselves 1/4 of a mile away from home when it began to pour again.  We were drenched and laughing and I will forever hold dear the sweet memory of walking back home with my boy in my arms as the cool, fall rain soaked us both.

It was such a wonderful reminder to me of God’s provision and refreshment.  My heart is so easily divided when I yoke myself to worry about the future.  But choosing trust over worry yokes me to His goodness and His provision…His yoke is easy and burden is light! Friends, let’s be brave and choose trust today…and laugh without fear of the future as the rain soaks us.

    “…He supplies the earth with rain and makes the grass grow on the hills.  He provides food for the cattle…” (Psalm 147:8-9)

Rain at Ramsay Hill

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