City Girl Chronicles of a Country Life


Well, I feel like I can officially write about rural living now that I’ve lived it.  Granted that’s only been for 3.5 months, but on a working ranch of 80 acres with a growing herd of feisty Texas Longhorns in a town population of 2,000 where nearly 1/4 of them are somehow related to me, plenty of adventures have ensued in that time to laugh about.  And we all know laughter is good medicine.

Like any of life’s transitions – there are moments of doubt and bewilderment that have had us asking ourselves “what the heck did we get ourselves into?”  For two people formerly known as urbanites, many of these moments are quite comical….NOW!

The first came just a couple short weeks after our move from the Big D when we discovered one morning that 3 of our cows had mysteriously escaped.  Upon further investigation, one of the fences had been left wide open…rookie mistake #1.  So now 3 of our newly purchased Longhorn ladies were out wandering the acres and acres of East Texas piney woods behind our house.  So without a clear plan as to how exactly we will lead these beasts back to their new home, were we to happen to find them, the hubs and I set out in the thick forest.  We finally stumble upon our runaways and decide it’s best if Jordan leads them on through the forest back to the barn while I head back the other direction to where our car is parked on a back road.  Great plan – only thing is, Jordan spent his childhood in these woods – I, on the other hand, did not.  Headed in the direction I think our car is with only tall piney woods in view every direction I look – panic sets in and overrides all of my cognitive thinking skills because it is now THUNDERING!!  Besides the fact that I don’t like storms even when I’m indoors and oh..minor detail that I’m now lost in woods that I’ve never been in before…adding to my panic is the fact that my husband won’t pick up his cell phone to rescue me!!!  To make a long story much shorter, the cows made it home, I made it to the car and my husband narrowly escaped death (which would have been inflicted by me).  Welcome to East Texas piney woods.

The second adventure came indoors on a Sunday.  At church.  Let me preface by saying that not having grown up in church, my experiences in the past with church membership were limited to the mega-churches in Dallas that I was a member of in my years post-college.  Church membership at these non-denominational congregations was a Saturday class you attended and then you’re added to the database.  So, based on past experience, I was not prepared and/or expecting what would ensue when the hubs whispered to me (spur of the moment, mind you) at the end of the service that day “do you want to join today?”.  “Sure” I whispered back.  We had already talked about joining and just hadn’t done it yet, so why not today.  But what I didn’t know at the time was that church membership meant going forward during the altar call, being announced to the entire congregation (followed by clapping) and remaining at the altar until everyone from the congregation who wanted to came by to shake our hand and welcome us.  It was wonderful.  The Southern Baptist style just caught this city girl by surprise.

I’ll conclude this post with one more comical story of our transition from city life to country life.  With one grocery store in town, it is pretty much a guarantee that each time I go, I’ll run into someone I know.  Usually it’s a relative.  4 days after finding out I was pregnant with twins and after telling just a handful of family/friends, I had folks congratulating me around town and I don’t even know their names!  This would be so crazy in a city like Dallas, but here – it is seeming more and more just like life.  It’s a sense of community that I’ve never experienced before and it’s growing on me!

And now that I’ve fully adjusted to not locking my car doors…EVER…the city in this city girl is fading fast!

More adventures to come.  Stay tuned!!  May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and may He give you peace in Jesus.  To your adventures and ours, may they be to His glory!

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2 Responses to City Girl Chronicles of a Country Life

  1. LC says:

    Good stuff. That made me laugh about going up to the front to join. I grew up in a Baptist Church and I think that’s just a baptist thing. Love you all — enjoyed it

  2. Anne Adams says:

    I still lock my doors and always will. You can’t take the city out of me! LOL

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