City Girl Meets Double-Wide

This post is inspired by real life events and good friends that encourage me to write about them so that others can laugh at/with me.

In 28 days we are loading up all we own into a U-Haul and watching the Dallas skyline fade from our rear view mirror as we head 1.5 hours East to our new home in Mount Vernon, TX.  What began as a pipe dream 2.5 years ago after geeking out over the documentary Food, Inc. has become our reality.  We are now the proud owners of a beautiful plot of land, a herd of Texas Longhorns (soon to arrive) and a double-wide.  Huh Hummm….proud owners…double-wide…your internal monologue is doubting that I intended those to be in the same sentence.  And beyond two weeks ago, my internal monologue would have agreed with yours.  But two weeks can change things inside this city girl’s heart.  Miracles do happen.

Though I have to back up and recount the story of how the husband and I arrived here.  My initial response to said husband’s idea of purchasing a double-wide was a mess of laugh-crying.  Husband: “Are you laughing or crying?” [as he peels back the layer of red hair covering my face]  Me: “BOTH.” [more laughing].

After a few more tears and some belly laughs from us both, he pitched me his idea complete with online visual of photos and floor plans.  Whoa!  I had no idea that double-wide was not synonymous with brown shag carpet.  These homes were nice!  And not to mention more square footage (and a bigger kitchen…hallelujah) than what we live in now!!  I mean, it wasn’t my dream home but who’s to say we ever get our dream home here on earth – we have a mansion in Heaven awaiting so I can let go of a little pride and just hold out for that!  Ok – so I was through the initial shock but I’m a hard sale.  We found a great deal on a brand new home from Clayton (which I have to give a little shameless plug to because not only are they owned by Warren Buffet which makes them legit but they are great to work with, professional & timely).  I was amazed how quickly they could have our home to our property, set up and ready to be lived in.

One thing still plagued my pride: “What will I tell people?”.  The first few friends I told about our “modular home” purchase returned blank stares my direction….Me: “you know…[nervous laugh]…a double-wide”.  [Laughs all the way around]. “Oh yeah, now we know what you’re talking about.”  The second round of people I told began as “pre-fabricated home”…again with blank stares.  I even entertained emphasizing the cool-hippie-granola factor of living off the land.  But since I’ve told the story enough times now to know that any alter form of double-wide is really just my feeble attempts at self-preservation…I’ve embraced the facts.  My new home is a double-wide.  And I am content.  Indeed, I am thankful.

Ahh – I knew there was a teachable moment for me in all this.  Contentment.  Thankfulness.  Things I have struggled to live out as an urban city dweller and will continue to struggle to live out as a rural rancher.  To live in the moment.  To “rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances.” (1 Thess 5:16-18).  “…for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  So, until that verse changes to say something about God’s will for me having to do with granite countertops and a wood-burning fireplace – I’ll heed His words and experience the contentment that results from gratitude.  No matter where I lay my head.  For our sweet Savior tread so lightly in this world, he had no place to lay his head.  Oh, to be like him.


Come visit us in our double-wide.

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1 Response to City Girl Meets Double-Wide

  1. Sheri Eudaly says:

    YOU are my New Inspiration!!! Reading Feb.2nd Blog just made my day!!!! Love you Co-Red-Head…Sheri E.

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