Ramsay Hill’s Best of 2013 – in pictures

As we usher in a new year, we look back in reflection and thanks.  2013 was a year of much learning and we look forward to putting all of that knowledge into motion as we exchange city life for rural life in 2014.

Here’s a glimpse back at some of our favorites from 2013.  Thanks for joining with us on this journey!

1. RamsayHill.com Official Launch :: complete with recipes, pictures from the ranch and more about us.


2. Dallas Pick-Up Days :: thanks to all of our Dallas friends who stocked your freezer this year with grass-fed beef!


3. A visit to longhorn breeders in Brownwood, TX :: where we learned more about the uniqueness of this breed.


4.  Family gatherings at Ramsay Hill : photo opp with Samuel Ramsay


5.  Grass-fed beef school in Missouri :: Jordan had a great time learning about sustainable ag. from some of the leading grass-fed beef producers in our country.


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