6 months ago today…



Today is a laugh-cry kind of day.  My little boy is 6 months old today.  I made the mistake of looking back through my phone at all of the pictures I have of him over the last 6 months…and then, in case I wasn’t already enough of a hot mess – I read through my journal entries I’ve written to him since he was in utero.  So now I’m laughing at myself that I’m so weepy over this seemingly insignificant milestone.

But while 6 months old may seem like such a trivial milestone to get weepy over, it is really the first big step [for me] of letting go.  For the last year and 3 months +, Sam has been getting all of his nutrition and nourishment via me.  As he transitions now away from that, this begins the life long process of him needing me less and less.  And thus, the life long process of me learning to let go!  ;\   The momma bear in me wants to hold him close and keep him needing me forever.  But I know that this process is already beginning to teach me that his life was entrusted to me so that I can train him up to be an arrow in my hands…that one day I will release him and watch as he flies swift and sure with the hope of Heaven as his target.

“Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.”  {Psalm 127:4}

So I laugh-cry today because while this process is a little painful, it’s a beautiful and fun thing to see my little boy growing up and above all, to be able to “rejoice always” because I can trust that God knows him more intimately than I ever will and has a plan for him that is good.  Because of that, I can learn to let go – little by little. 🙂

A little something I wrote to Sam the day before he was born:

Right now you are a part of me

When I breathe, you breathe

So soon you will inhale life on your own

And begin an adventure that to me is unknown

The feet that kick at me now from inside

Will take you places far and wide

Only the Creator sees the trajectory of your days

Because He who formed you knows all of your ways

But right now, you are a part of me

When I breathe, you breathe.

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One Response to 6 months ago today…

  1. Amy Washington says:

    You continue to inspire me…I’m so grateful to have been on your mailing list. I look forward to hearing how God will reveal more of His tapestry that He weaved together for you since the foundation of the earth.

    May God bless you and your family.

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