On Becoming a Mom…Part II

In light of my recent journey into mommyhood and all of the late night hours spent asking Google everything from “Is my newborn suppose to have green poop?” to “Why is my 2 month old waking up 45 minutes into his daytime naps?”, I thought I would share my list of Top 10 things I could not have survived without these last 3 months.  Here goes (in no certain order):

1. babycenter.com :: a treasure trove of developmental information for each stage of baby’s growth, expert answers, and forums where you can ask questions and see other moms’ answers.

2. The W0ombie & The Miracle Blanket :: like straight jackets for babies.  Both work wonders in keeping Sam’s startle reflex from waking him & re-creating a womb-like experience that sends him off to sleepy land.

3. Carters side-snap tees::  Easy-on, easy-off – these were a major time saver during those early weeks of almost hourly diapering and diaper protests.

4. Cloth Diapers :: after about week 4 (once the pee pee/doo doo slowed down a bit and once Sam’s legs had fattened up a little), we introduced cloth diapers and haven’t looked back since.  While the economics of cloth diapering is what initially attracted us to it, I like knowing that at the cost of just a few extra loads of laundry a week, I’m not contributing 100’s of diapers to our already full landfills.  Our initial investment of cloth diapers has almost paid for itself with what we would have paid on disposables up to this point.  That factor alone is enough for me but even beyond that I like that they are chemical-free, much less likely to cause diaper rash, and green. If you are debating whether to cloth diaper, I suggest reading some literature to make an informed decision.  This is a good article.

5. Nasal mistNosefrida (in that order):: musts  for your nursery.  The Nosefrida has way more suction power than the bulb syringe.  I’m always amazed at the amount of snot/milk boogers I get out of Sam with this thing.  I had never heard of milk boogers until my lactation consultant informed me that each time babies drink, a little milk goes into their nose.

6. Dohm sound machine :: after 6-8 weeks of glorious sleeping ability, Sam began a pattern of waking easily during his daytime naps.  We live on a busy street and The Dohm adds just the right level of white noise to help preserve those precious nap times.

7.  Preparation for Parenthood & Spirit-Led Parenting ::  I read both of these before Sam was born and I’m glad I did.  They are very different in their philosophies but I took great tidbits of wisdom from both.  I think it is beneficial to have more than just one parenting resource – there are very different schools of thought out there about the most effective way to train up your child but I think the most important thing you can do is heed the wisdom of others while trusting your mother instincts that are God-given.  There has to be room for flexibility because life happens – growth spurts, sickness, travel, etc. – but having a good baseline of what you are striving for with your baby’s schedule is important to create consistency for him and sanity for you 🙂  PFP discusses the Feed-Wake-Sleep cycle and that has been key in helping us to get into a rhythm and for me to maintain somewhat of a routine.

8. Boppy or Breastfriend :: a breast-feeding must to save your back and to help get baby level for a good latch.

9. Feed Baby Pro app :: this has helped me take the guess work out of remembering the last time Sam ate, how many poops/pees he’s had for the day, etc.

10. Prayer :: last but not least, praying specifically for Sam has been the most valuable resource – especially on those days that worry or fear threatens to take over.  It reminds me that, while I have been entrusted with Sam’s life only for a short time, the Creator knows him inside and out and has a plan for him.  It also brings peace and rest to our home when I take time to seek God in prayer instead of just keeping my wheels spinning in busyness.  Seek first the kingdom and there will be order in your home because God’s promises bring order to your heart.

Enjoy the moments with the little lives God has entrusted to you.

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