Dear Oregon, We Miss You

A family friend graciously offered us his home in Cannon Beach, OR for our honeymoon.  Neither of us had ever visited the NW so from the moment we entered this land of moss-covered greenery, trees taller than buildings and ocean-side hiking trails that will take your breath away, we felt as if we were in a storybook and that elves might pop out at every turn.  A few of our highlights :

  • Over 15 miles of hiking trails
  • Willamette Valley vinyard daytrip – Pinot Noir heaven
  • Visit to Tillamook
  • Surprise rabbits
  • Surprise waterfalls
  • Whale watching
  • Elk poop leads to elk
  • Best crab cakes we have ever put in our mouth
  • Hug Point
  • Buried champagne bottle treasure
  • Mt. Ranier National Park
  • Ecola State Park
  • Entirely too much espresso in one day
  • Truffle this, truffle that – truffle oil in everything
  • Seatle fish market
  • Squalquolmie Falls
  • Beach walks – out running the tide
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1 Response to Dear Oregon, We Miss You

  1. Allison Higgins says:

    Hey Brooke! Love your blog!! I will definately enjoy reading your entries…. Hope you guys are doing great! Love ya!

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